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The ASEAN Trade in Goods and Agreement (ATIGA) is a comprehensive and ambitious trade agreement between the ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). ATIGA seeks to promote and facilitate trade in goods among ASEAN countries, reduce and eliminate tariffs, and improve market access for ASEAN businesses.

Under ATIGA, ASEAN countries are committed to reducing and eliminating tariffs on goods traded within the region. This helps to create a more level playing field for businesses and promotes fair competition. In addition, ATIGA aims to simplify and streamline customs procedures, making it easier and faster for businesses to import and export goods within the region.

ATIGA also includes measures to improve the quality and safety of goods traded within ASEAN. This includes the establishment of technical regulations and standards that ensure products meet certain quality and safety requirements. This helps to protect consumers and promote fair trade practices within the region.

Another important feature of ATIGA is the inclusion of measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ASEAN countries have committed to providing support and assistance to SMEs to help them take advantage of the opportunities created by the agreement. This includes providing technical assistance, training, and access to information and resources.

Overall, ATIGA represents an important step forward for ASEAN in terms of promoting trade and economic growth within the region. By reducing barriers to trade, improving market access, and promoting fair competition, ATIGA helps to create a more dynamic and integrated ASEAN economy. As the region continues to grow and develop, ATIGA will play a critical role in supporting the success of ASEAN businesses and promoting economic prosperity for all.

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